Bee System


Rapid development of military technology means that unmanned aircraft system (UAS) are no longer a novelty, but a vital part of military unit’s equipment, providing crucial advantage on today’s battlefield. Bee system is our solution in military sub-micro-UAS class, that combines reconnaissance and strike capability.

Implementation of a micro class reconnaissance UAS in the military significantly increases low level intelligence gathering capabilities – instead of visual observation from ground level, unit commander can gather information not only from above but can scout ahead without taking unnecessary risk. Reconnaissance UAS can oversee and coordinate Strike UAS fire missions on high value targets or enemy strong points. Strike component of Bee System can enter buildings and other structures, navigate through forest or attack an armored vehicle from least armored side.

Bee System

About the System

Bee system is a military sub-micro UAS that combines reconnaissance and strike features. The system comprises of reconnaissance UAS, strike UAS and support, take-off and transport units (STTU). Thanks to easily changeable payloads, the system is fully customizable, according to end user’s requirements.

STTU ensure instantaneous, automated UAS take-off. They can be mounted on armored vehicles or be standalone system to take off the vehicle into the field.

The main advantage of Bee system is its comprehensiveness – it offers both reconnaissance and strike features. Therefore, unit commander has precise knowledge about hostile forces deployment and it also allows launching precise strike – even in difficult terrain such as forests, buildings or in urban areas.

Bee system will introduce innovative solutions to Polish Armed Forces, minimizing threats for soldiers and equipment on the battlefield. 


Bee System

Strike UAS


flight readiness


flight time

up to 30 min

Operational range

up to 2 km


composite and plastic


1 300 g

sound profile

75 DB


470 MM

max. velocity

28 M/S

payload mass

up to 700g



Bee System


Bee System


Support, take-off and transport unit (STTU) allows automated UAS take-off after being given the command by system’s operator. Use of  the STTU’s ensures that UAS is mission ready within just a few seconds – without preparation to flight process.

STTUs can be mounted on armored vehicles. Due to automated UAS take-off procedure, using STTUs minimizes danger to soldiers on battlefield – there is no reason for them to leave the vehicle just to prepare UAS for the mission.

STTUs are resistant to weather conditions, they are equipped with independent power supply and wireless communication.

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Bee System


Bee System

Further development

We use cutting edge technologies at every stage of R&D process – starting with digital 3D design to quick FDM prototyping using 3D printers. It significantly decreases device’s mass while maintaining durability, which in turn increases operational time.